Beyonce’s HomeComing – A Feminist Hero

I remember as child jumping up and down in my living room belting out the words to “Get Me Bodied” and smiling from ear to ear, feeling so empowered. I remember listening to the song “Upgrade U” repeatedly so that I could learn the words and sing it at school the following day. Beyonce has been a mentor to me throughout my entire life. There was never a moment where I was without her. There was always a song to guide and mould me into the woman I am today. After watching the Netflix film; Homecoming by Beyonce, I was able to hear her powerful message be reiterated and reflect, on how important it is to embrace your black femininity and to be a part of the feminist movement. Here are 3 lessons to take away.

1. Get In Formation – Ladies, Educate Yourself, Have Your Own Money, Money Is Power.

Okay ladies now let’s get IN-FORMATION! That’s right, as black women we all need to educate ourselves about the our culture and history. Understanding our past and living in our present is what colors our identities and provides clarity to the purpose of why we are all here.

Once you immerse yourself into the literature about the oppression of women and their fight for equality, it is hard to walk away unchanged. Beyonce understood that in order to disentangle ourselves from oppression, women will have to be financially independent. We have to have earning power or else we will forever be at the mercy of men. Which is why she sings “best revenge is your paper”. Ladies, get yuh education, get yuh money and stand up fi yuh self.

2. Bow Down To The Women Who Came Before Us & Balance in Marriage

In any movement it is important to pay respects to the women who have paved the way for us such as Audre Lorde, Lucille Mathurin-Mair and Elsa Leo-Rynie. Beyonce lead by example by honouring these women and putting respec’ on their names, because, without them the wonders of women’s contribution to society would continue to go unnoticed. The realities of the hardships that women from the black community faced would also go unrecognized without the work of these women and many others to bring their stories into the spotlight.

In addition to this, in the song “Bow Down”, Beyonce makes it clear that she is “not just his little wife” but rather his equal. Teaching girls that while in romantic relationships there must be mutual respect and equally.

3. Love On Top – Put Women’s Issues First & LOVE For Humanity

‘Who runs the World, GIRLS, GIRLS.’ Finally, a point so complex yet so simple. Because women are apart of this world their issues should also be taken into priority. Men won’t immediately see the need to address women’s issues due to patriarchy. And it is because of this, why more women with an informed gender world view need to join the political arena in order to fight for women to have full sovereignty of their bodies and lives.

Beyonce not only empowers women, but also highlights the importance of showing love to all humanity. Because at the end of the day Feminism is all about balancing the playing field and creating a world that we all as human-beings want to be apart of.

I Love You Beyonce! Keep The Great Work. #GreatestPerformerOfAllTime

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