What I Love About Our Relationship

Right off the bat, our relationship is unique. But like most relationships, it requires constant care and nurturing. Yes, it can be hard and demanding work. However, over the past 3 years, I have learnt that what it takes to maintain our relationship is what I love most about us. So, here are three things that I love about my relationship that could also be useful in your everyday relationships as well.

Damian’s Graduation Day from UWI

First things first, communication is everything! A healthy and loving relationship requires clear, kind and honest communication. Initially, I thought communication was all about talking, and I mean a lot of talking. But what I hadn’t realized was that communication also involved active listening, which Damian was great at.

Communication is a delicate process that once done correctly, can foster a peaceful and respectful relationship. I love that we try to communicate effectively by saying what we mean, actively listening and giving appropriate feedback. We don’t always get it right but when we do, it results in me feeling heard and like a respected equal in the relationship.

Christmas in the Country

Knock Knock. Who’s there? It’s Laughter! There is never a dull moment in our relationship and I love that. Laughter and spontaneity help to break up the monotony of our daily lives.

Spur of the moment beach trips or a witty joke here and there makes all the difference. It always brings a breath of fresh air into the mix and makes life with Damian worth living.

Hand In Hand We Go

Lastly, give me a S, give me an E, give me X! Sex! That’s right. Love, intimacy, romance and sex are vital to the sustainability of our relationship. Just being great roommates is unacceptable. The passion and desire that fuels our relationship is the third element that I love most about our relationship.

There are moments however when the spark between us has fizzled out, but we have always found a way to reignite the flame.

In conclusion communication, laughter and intimacy are the 3 things I love best about our relationship.

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